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Furniture surfaces

Damage to furniture surfaces can occur anywhere: In production, in transit, at the retailer, during assembly or last but not least at the customer's own home. Unfortunately, damage occurs, but it’s good to know that König offer a high quality repair solution at each step of the furniture process and to any type of surface. 

Assortments, individual products or small care packs that accompany consignments are optimally tailored to the different requirements, situations and also to different surfaces like solid wood, veneers and artificial surfaces. Not forgetting to mention that within this sector our wide range of training courses and competent advice for your teams in the workshop, customer service and installation.

Sets and Assortments

For high quality repair of nearly any kind of damage on wood and décor surfaces...» more

For the professional, high quality repair of nearly any kind of damage on wood and décor surfaces in the interior area. » more

All-round set for the repair of damages on wood and décor surfaces. Ideal for on-site use. » more

Compact set for the repair of furniture surfaces, ideal for on-site. » more

To fill fine cracks and open joints in untreated veneer, solid wood, laminate, MDF and metal. » more

To mix the right colour with the two-component filler and for the quick repair of major damage. » more

To remove fine scratches by sanding and polishing. For indoor and outdoor use. » more

For the mechanical and manual sanding and polishing of fine scratches, holograms and dull spots on high gloss surfaces. » more

To remove scratches, dents and holes on polyester coated furniture and piano surfaces. » more