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Sanitary ceramics, tiles, natural stone

Holes and chips on tiles, stone and ceramics can be removed quickly with our new-developed Ceramic Filler – and that without any drying or curing time. Ceramic Filler is very helpful especially in difficult cases like e.g. for tiles on underfloor heatings, in showers, with large paving tiles or, at on-site installation, when spare tiles are no more available. Whether in complete sets or just as filler – Ceramic Filler from König always knows to convince in repairing wall and floor tiles.
For sanitary ceramics as well as for granite and marble we recently have also developed special repair methods, ensuring very good results.

Sets and Assortments

For the repair of damage to tiles, ceramics and stone incl. fillers and accessoire. » more

For the repair of damage to natural and artificial stone incl. fillers and accessories. » more

For the repair of damage to sanitary ceramics incl. fillers and accessories. » more

Sortiment für hochwertige und dauerhafte Instandsetzungen an keramischen Waschbecken, Badewanne und WC. » mehr